Six-panel japanese folding screen with autumn flowers (II)


Six-panel folding screen (one of a pair, see 'Other details') painted in ink, natural pigments on gold-leaf ground, depicting flowers and birds (kachoga), a red fence and different kinds of autumn flowers like chrysanthemums (kiku), clovers (hagi) and some specimens of Lespedeza. As if to describe the gradual thinning of the flora for the upcoming winter, the scene is less dense on the left side, where we see an isolated group of clovers, bluebells (kikyo) and miscanthus (susuki).
Six-panel japanese folding screen with autumn flowers
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39¾ x 111 in 101 x 282 cm


Ink, natural and mineral colours on gold-leaf paper (kinpaku)




Kano Chikanobu "Shushin", signed


Edo (1615-1867), early XVIII century

Other details

This folding screen forms a pair with another one which you can see here: Six-panel folding screen with peonies and birds

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