Yohaku no bi

Saturday, October 26, 2019
09:30 ÷ 13:30
Galleria Nobili
Via Marsala, 4
20121 Milano (MI)

Yohaku no bi 余白の美
Laboratory on the aesthetic perception of the void
edited by Federica de Luca

What is Yohaku no bi

The aesthetic principle dating back to the Kamakura and Muromachi periods (1185-1568), yohaku-no-bi 余 白 の 美, is translated literally as the beauty of the remaining white. To make this statement understandable, by analogy one can resort to the example of traditional Japanese landscape painting sumie 墨 絵, in which clouds, fog, sky, and water are spared from the clear background of the paper support.

This form of art requires that the artist limits the application of the indian ink, allowing to evoke the subject through the limited synthesis of the pictorial intervention, thanks to the emerging white paper at the edges of the stroke. The limited use of the indian ink, together with the inclusion of white as a complementary aesthetic value, show how much the void collaborates in shaping the spaces.

Ink on paper painting representing the concept of yohaku no bi

Yohaku-no-bi can be more freely translated as the beauty of incompleteness or the beauty of emptiness, referring to unexpressed ideas although present or simply as what is left out but whose memory is kept.

The empty space is recognizable in traditional art forms such as calligraphy, the art of gardens, ikebana and many others.

The laboratory

Galleria Nobili dedicates a specific laboratory to this theme.
The artist Federica de Luca, through a sensorial and experiential path, divided into different moments, will guide the participants in specific actions punctuated by a sound carpet specially selected to assist the emergence of the experience of emptiness in each of those present.

Ink on paper painting representing the concept of yohaku no bi

Federica de Luca short biography

Federica Jeanne de Luca, born in Milan in 1974, graduated from the art school in Brera and graduated in architecture at the Milan Politecnico. After several experiences in the field of graphics, architecture, and publishing, she worked for the artist Minjung Kim as his study assistant. Today she lives and works in Milan.

Images: courtesy of the artist.


  • Maximum 6 students
  • Cost € 75
  • Suitable for all levels, no experience required
  • We will provide all the materials
  • The matrix and the prints produced remain the property of the student
  • For subscriptions please write to info@paraventigiapponesi.it

Cancellation and non-attendance

If the cancellation occurs:
  • 10 or more days before the course: we will refund 85% of the amount
  • 7,8,9 days before: 50% refund
  • less than 7 days or non-attendance: no refund

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